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Here are two clips of saturn at different resolutions, acquired with a C14 telescope and my patent-pending mount design, combined into one video:

Images below are single image acquisitions (no stacking) with long exposure.

Since I missed pons-brooks, here is an image I took of neowise on July 25th, 2020. Image aquisition details are the same as the Eagle Nebula image below.

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The image below is of the Eagle Nebula (Pillars of Creation or Messier 16) with extremely narrow field of view as proof of concept that the prototype robotic mount points with a level of accuracy appropriate for professional quality data acquisition. Wider fields make for prettier pictures, but a narrow field such as this exhibits the full capability of the mount, since perturbations or disturbances are magnified greatly when focusing on a narrow field. Field rotation, which is minimal at this point in the sky this time of year at this latitude, was not corrected for during this acquisition (further, I don't claim to be an expert on image post-processing).

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Image Acquisition Details (© John Emil Petersen III, Wed 13 Jun 2020):

FOV: 16.87' x 11.49'

Equivalent to 1012.2" x 689.4"

Resolution: 0.24"/pixel (with 2x bin for both X and Y)

Area: 193.8 sq'

Focal length: 3910mm

Focal ratio: f/11

One image -- 120 second exposure

near Johnson City, Texas

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