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N-Dimensional Technologies, LLC™

About the founder

John is an international collaborator, project manager, and entrepreneur with extensive experience in many branches of physics,1 materials science, inorganic chemistry, finance, robotics/mechatronics, mechanical/electrical engineering, public speaking, technical writing, and full stack software development. His further interests include music/guitar, billiards, poker, stocks/options, reading everything, playing competitive sports/games,2 foreign languages,3 and martial arts.4 If his enthusiastic personality has earned him any critics, rest assured, he has a creative yet highly technical mind and always has a well-developed new idea. He always welcomes a genuine new friend, so feel free to ask him anything on your mind.

Some of John's selected written works can be seen at the following links:

Eur Phys J B, 2019

Phys Rev B, 2018

Ph.D. Dissertation Dec 2017

Master's Thesis May 2013

1. John has expertise in both experimental and theoretical physics, in such areas of study as quantum mechanics, condensed matter physics, group theory/crystallography, nanoscience, thermodynamics, electricity and magnetism, as well as geometric and quantum optics. Further, he has studied astrophysics, cosmology, space physics, and general relativity with great interest. Contrary to popular belief, he has little interest in semiconductor devices or applied physics.
2. John is highly competitive but a restless spectator.
3. John speaks Spanish well enough to function effectively in a professional Spanish-speaking environment, and he speaks German and Portuguese well enough to navigate Germany/Austria and Portugal/Brazil.
4. John enjoys sparring in fair fights. He is more of a striker than a grappler.

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