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Online store, returning soon after release of The Kraken

Here is a timeline of milestones for my companies (all sole proprietorships -- I have no partners):

My PID algorithm is tantamount to the ubiquity of HDMI in the early 2000s. I am ardently pursuing licensing fees. I will write the academic article (which most of you absolutely need), as soon as people start honoring their invoices. See video below:

It will be AT LEAST 8-12 months, before I hire anyone, since people are too lazy to work commission in their spare time.

Click here to check if you're using my PID algorithm... Notice the registered © image, below:

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Tesla Invoice

Space X Invoice

© 17 & 1/2 years left :)

If these stalling tactics continue, I will seek punitive damages.

The associated business plan can be viewed here.

A proposal submitted to Shell Energy in 2015 can be viewed here.

Below, is a demonstration of a fully functioning prototype of N-Dimensional Engineering™

The humming of the motors is due to the frequency of the pulse width modulation. When the electronics are upgraded, an inaudible frequency will be chosen, which will remedy the noise. Neither GPS nor internet connection are required for the mount to function as intended. In addition to this, the mount can run off of a single rechargeable battery pack for over 7 hours. Understand that this is likely not the first product to be sold, and the mount is still in the design stage -- the final product may be quite different when production-ready. That being said, the current design is based on 3 utility patents and a registered copyright on a key algorithm, all owned by the founder, Dr. John E. Petersen III.

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